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Cosmo Bookclub book of the Month

Rob is a rubbish boyfriend. He makes Ella play Grand Theft Auto on Valentine's Day, and has a six-foot high stash of girly mags. Naturally, she finally sees sense and dumps him. Meanwhile, her nutty friend Maddie makes it her mission to find Ella's perfect man; which is why Ella gets a call from the Perfect Agency, saying she's won a competition she hasn't even entered. The agency promises to genetically match you to your soulmate - satisfaction guaranteed. And James does seem totally flawless at first - until Rob reappears minus his slobbish ways. Laugh-out-loud funny. Cosmo-Loves.

Andrea Semple has been called 'the new Marian Keyes' by Company magazine, and on the strength of The Man From Perfect it's easy to see why. Her previous romantic comedies, The Ex-Factor and The Make-Up Girl were immediately successful, and with The Man From Perfect, she's really finding her voice as an author. What happens when the man of your dreams, the perfect guy who puts any other suitor in the shade, turns up in real life? What should you do? What do you wear? This is a painfully funny fantasy.
Amazon editorial review

Who hasn't dreamt of meeting their perfect partner? Well for Ella Holt this dream is about to come true as she becomes the first person to be fixed-up by the Perfect Agency. But as Ella soon discovers, perfect men can be just as tiresome as the imperfect ones. Hugely fluffy, funny... this is chick-lit with a capital C.
Nottingham Evening Post

Good for a light summer read, this is the third novel from [the author] described ... as "the new Marian Keyes."
Leicester Mercury

Schoolteacher Ella Holt is promised her perfect match when her well-meaning flatmate volunteers her for a new state-of-the-art dating agency. She is dubious about the agency's claims, but has to eat her words when her perfect match arrives - a handsome airline pilot with a strong romantic streak. Ella is swept off her feet and her parents are delighted, but is Mr Perfect really Mr Right? A comedy romance with its heart in the right place.
Coventry Evening Telegraph

I do try to avoid chick-lit, as it invariably disappoints, but I couldn't resist The Man from Perfect's retro cover.

Fresh from dumping Rob the Slob (he forgot her birthday), Ella fills in a survey about her favourite man in a glossy magazine.

In true chick-lit style, her best friend enters her answers in a competition and, naturally, Ella wins. Her prize? A brand new state-of-the art dating agency will find her the perfect match.

Ella is sceptical, but is soon won over by James, the man chosen by the agency. He's everything she ever wanted in a man, based on her 50 answers to the original survey.

But gorgeous men in chick-lit novels are nearly always cads and Ella is soon reminded that she asked for a man who would do anything to keep her when James' sinister side is revealed.

It's unlikely, it's silly, but I'm pleased to say it's also great fun - my faith in chick-lit is restored. .
Derby Evening Telegraph

Ella is about to give up on men, but when she answers 100 questions on her perfect man in a magazine, she has no idea that her responses will be used to find her ideal match. When her ex starts to change to win her back, Ella remembers she asked for a man who would do anything to keep her and destroy anyone standing in his way. . .
Lucky Break

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