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Martha is a sex columnist. But when she finds out about her boyfriend's one-night-stand she finds she's just as confused as her readers. A painfully funny debut novel.

When magazine relationship guru Martha finds out her bloke's cheated on her, she's just as stumped as her readers. A witty read from an excellent first-time novelist. We love! A five star review.

a red hot talent . . . the new Marian Keyes

A woman who bills herself as a "relationship guru" should never find out that her boyfriend has cheated while she's in the throes of passion. That's exactly what happens to Martha Seymore, advice columnist for British fashion mag Gloss. Soon she's questioning every relationship platitude she's ever passed off as advice. She moves into the home of party-planning beauty Jacquie, who leads her into a life of wild parties and weekends in Ibiza. It's a life rife with alcohol, drugs, and sex, and the racy depictions of this are bound to make a few readers blush. Martha soon realizes the wild life isn't exactly glamorous. She finds out that her problems with Luke run deeper than she thought and that her job is in jeopardy. All her problems seem insurmountable, until her best friend gets attacked. Suddenly, Martha realizes she needs to quit wallowing and start taking her own advice. This plucky heroine will appeal to fans of Bridget Jones, but readers will be pleased to find a character who's less self-deprecating and more self-assured.

Martha's love life lies in ruins when she discovers her boyfriend's had a one-night stand. But, and here's the rub. Martha is the sex and relationships expert at a women's magazine, and if she doesn't know what to do, who does? Read this to find out.
OK!'s Hot Stars

Martha Seymore is a relationship guru - a glossy magazine columnist who gives directions on the global search for the G-spot while spouting advice to the forlorn, the fed-up and the fornicators. She has the right advice for every occasion, except the one that involves her boyfriend having a one-night stand. Martha knows she has to put her life back together sans Luke but despite being one of only 27 people in the world with a Masters Degree in the Clinical Characteristics of Love Relationships, she realises that she hasn't got a clue where to start. Like the veritable plethora of similar chick-lit novels out there, The Ex-Factor is set in the twentysomething world of media and PR, but there the similarity ends. Unlike most of its contemporaries, this comical debut is written in a perfectly paced, biting first-person narrative which overflows with wry asides and genuine laughs. It's the funniest and most original chick-lit debut of the year so far. Roll on.
Daily Record

Andrea Semple’s novel about a magazine agony aunt going through her own private torment will have you laughing – that is, until you start crying. Behind the giggles are some serious relationship truths worth pondering. A charmingly written and often hysterically funny look at the saddest side
of relationships.
Yasmin Boland, Author of Carole King is an Alien and columnist for Closer magazine

Very witty – made me laugh out loud.
Deborah Wright, Author of Olivia’s Bliss and The Rebel Fairy

A bright and sunny read, whatever the weather.
Matt Whyman, Author of Man or Mouse and Columbia Road

Will make you laugh, cry and want to call up your friends and tell them how much you love them. Refreshingly original.
Faith Bleasdale, Author of Rubber Gloves or Jimmy Choos? and Peep Show

one of the countries best new authors.
Yorkshire Post

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