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snakeskin by courttia newland

I've read all of Courttia Newland's novels and have loved every one of them. They cover an aspect of British life rarely documented in novels, conjuring the black experience of living in inner-city Britain. They are always easy to read and Newland never forgets the value of a good story. His newest, Snakeskin, is a contemporary thriller following Ervine James, a private investigator, as he investigates the brutal murder of the daughter of a black MP.

Set mainly in a problem-filled estate in West London, the book takes Ervine from the far right world of organisation, The Foundation, to Soho strip clubs via the offices of the Nation of Islam.

Although the novel is a bit more confusing than normal, with a sometimes baffling and labyrinth plot, the characters leap-from-the-page.

If an inner-city whodunit sounds like your kind of thing it's definitely worth a read. I'd also highly recommend his other two novels - The Scholar and Society Within.

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